Game-Changing Creativity: The Road to Hyper Growth in Hospitality

The third edition of Innovation Series focuses on creativity in the hospitality and tourism sector and will be held under the theme: Game-Changing Creativity: The Road to Hyper Growth in Hospitality.

This time, we shift our focus to the high growth potential and lucrative tourism and hospitality sector to stimulate the uptake of innovation and creativity in the tourism industry by discussing and showcasing innovative solutions to owners and managers of hotels, resorts, leisure centers and parks, Restaurants, events and support businesses and industries such as transport and technology.

In 2017, the sector generated US$ 1.4 Billion representing 10% of our national GDP, but has the potential to double to US$ 2.7 billion by 2020 according to the ministry of tourism, wildlife and antiquities. However, the sector faces challenges in marketing, service delivery, finance, and talent management which could hinder this forecast growth.

This is a great opportunity to; engage with business owners and managers, market their products, raise brand awareness, network, learn and share ideas around innovation, with business leaders, potential partners and customers who could positively impact your business.


Stimulate and increase uptake of disruptive creativity to grow revenue for service providers in Uganda's hospitality and tourism sector.  

To grow stakeholder investment game-changing creative practices within the tourism sector.

Meet the speakers

Timothy Mugume

Brian Ntambirweki

Samantha Muna

Aly Alibhai

Gloria Tumwesigye



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